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Because of COVID-19, the office is no longer open for in-person appointments

Metabolic Medicine Consultants treats adult patients with nutrition-related medical conditions. This includes diseases of both over-nutrition (such as obesity) and under-nutrition (such as protein-calorie malnutrition). We see patients in the office setting and in the hospital.

Conditions Treated


In the office

Currently not available

Medical obesity management
Metabolic syndrome/prediabetes/diabetes prevention
Postoperative bariatric surgery metabolic monitoring
Diabetes resolution after bariatric surgery
Homecare nutritional support (home TPN and home enteral nutrition)
Osteoporosis prevention and management
Rare conditions of metabolism (vitamin and mineral deficiencies, adults with inborn errors of metabolism)

In the hospital

Protein-calorie malnutrition
Serious vitamin and mineral deficiency syndromes
Critical care nutritional support
Critical care metabolic resuscitation
Cardiac nutrition and metabolism
Organ transplant nutrition and metabolism